I love to travel and network. Through this, I have met so many beautiful souls and been inspired by each of their lives, stories, and passions. I would not be here if it weren’t for the community I grew up in, the community I’ve discovered through my travels, and the community I’m surrounded by.
It’s my hope that this page will become its own community, of sorts. Here I’ll share:

● Real-life stories from everyday people

● Causes and charities near and dear to my heart

● Struggles such as cancer, anxiety, self-love, miscarriage, grief, and more.

“Community is where humility and glory touch.” 

-Henri J.M. Nouwen 

It’s my hope that you’ll be informed, inspired, and find a community you connect with. 





Mental Health

Most of my audience loves supporting businesses who actually do good and balance making a profit with making an impact. To talk about the good that this local Zambian lodge does almost brings me to tears because I’ve benefited from that good on more times than I can count.

Today for our community post, I want to introduce you to the #1 safari lodge in Zambia and how they started an award-winning trust school that grew wildly beyond the original vision. @tongabezilodge has made an impact on the world by making an impact on their local community and it started with the idea of making an impact in the lives of their staff members. There are so many lessons for fellow entrepreneurs and individuals in that statement. Come read about their journey and see how one community was changed by a business decision that was more about the people than the business. 

Tongabezi School

When Businesses Change the World