Discover untold stories and off-the-radar locations in Africa—beyond what you’ve seen on TV and travel magazines—so you can be a part of her true story, too.

In Zambia, “Nyumba” means home. As you land on the homepage of my travel site, I want you to feel at home as you explore the next location that’s calling you “home.”

Discover everything from quirky cafes in London to bucket list adventures in Zambia to exotic resorts in Bali to the most awe-inspiring hotels with lush linens and culinary delights.

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to Overlooked Parts of Africa & Bucket-List Locations  Around the World

As a travel blogger to Africa and the founder of this global travel website, I show you Africa through native eyes and unveil the wondrous travel adventures and luxurious resorts most are unaware of. Based in London, but raised in Zambia, the beat of Africa never left me. Browse around my website and you’ll learn why so many others who visit our beloved continent agree that once you catch the beat, you can’t forget it.

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